KM1, 100% full 3D Knit XC/Marathon shoes | DMT




The shoe that started the engineered knit revolution.

The KM1 has offered exceptional comfort on the way to many podiums from World Cup to marathons. Light, breathable, proprietary Engineered Knit construction eliminates pressure points, fits like a glove and is super breathable. Race winning energy transfer and durable trail traction with the Dual Compound Carbon outsole featuring Michelin® rubber lugs.


From 37 to 47

Half sizes from 37,5 to 45,5

Size table


300g size 42


1 IP1 dial BOA® Fit System

Care and manteinance

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Product empowered technologies

Key features

  • Full Engineered 3D Knit upper

  • Variable thickness and knit structures for ultimate comfort

  • Integrated webbing

  • Boa® Fit System with single IP1 dial

  • Dual Compound Carbon outsole with high traction rubber lugs developed in collaboration with Michelin®

  • Rubber toe bumper and abrasion resistant coating on toe cap for protection

km1 shoe detail image
km1 shoe detail image
km1 shoe detail image
km1 shoe detail image
km1 shoe detail image
km1 shoe detail image


In the space of a few years, sports shoes have undergone a real revolution thanks to the knitted structure and have become the standard in sports such as running and football.

The reasons for these changes are simply a better fit, greater comfort and excellent breathability.
DMT has been producing knitted footwear for important sports brands for more than 10-years; in 2018, after 12 months of development, we transferred this new technology to the world of cycling with the first shoe with a fully knit upper.

Today we have extended the use of Engineered 3D Knit technology to the whole DMT 2022 collection.

Engineered Knit construction changes the way that cycling shoes fit and feel.

Literally the next generation of footwear technology. At DMT, we are specialists in producing technical knit footwear. Working with the most demanding athletes we have ensured that there is no compromise between comfort and performance.

Using technical yarns and specific Engineered Knit structures, we match the exact needs for each style of cycling and each zone of the shoe. Trying on a pair of DMT knit shoes will completely change the way that you think of cycling footwear. Light, less bulky, excellent fit, superior breathability and fast drying. With no compromise between fit and support thanks to the slightly elastic construction, our goal is that you forget that you are even wearing shoes on your next ride.

BOA System IP1 Detail Image
BOA System Logo Image
BOA IP1 Series Logo


We have chosen to feature BOA® Fit System on the majority of our models because of the versatility, great performance, ease of use and dependable quality.

As a true development partner BOA® has helped us bring our closure systems to the next level.



    Fine-tune fi t with incremental tightening and loosening.


    Unprecedented durability, built to withstand the toughest conditions.


    Developed with sustainability at the forefront of design, manufactured to reuse and reduce material waste.


    Super light laces and low friction guides optimize fit, adaptability and control.

MICHELIN® Micheline Soles Logo Image
Excellent traction and grip combined with durability make soles with Michelin® rubber compounds a natural choice for the rigors of mountain biking. With half of the DMT mountain bike shoes featuring Michelin® rubber compounds the benefits are clear.
km1 Michelin sole image


  • 1.

    Aggressive sculptures on toe area for traction and protection.

  • 2.

    Side sculptures for stability and traction.

  • 3.

    Arch area for better stability.

  • 4.

    Massive sculptures on heel area to increase the durability.

Euro Usa UK CM Width
33 2,5 2 21,1 8
34 3 2 22 8,2
35 3,8 2,8 22,5 8,3
36 4,5 3,5 23 8,5
37 5,5 4,5 24 8,6
37,5 6 5 24,1 8,7
38 6,5 5,5 24,5 8,8
38,5 6,8 5,8 24,7 8,8
39 7 6 25 8,9
39,5 7,3 6,3 25,7 9
40 7,5 6,5 26 9,1
40,5 8 7 26,3 9,1
41 8,5 7,5 26,6 9,2
41,5 9 8 27 9,2
42 9,5 8,5 27,3 9,3
42,5 10 9 27,6 9,4
43 10,5 9,5 27,8 9,5
43,5 10,8 9,8 28,5 9,5
44 11 10 28,6 9,6
44,5 11,5 10,5 29 9,7
45 12 11 29,3 9,8
45,5 12,5 11,5 29,6 9,8
46 13 12 30 9,9
47 13,5 12,5 30,5 10,1
48 14 13 31,4 10,2