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DMT company

DMT cycling shoes

3D Knit.

“The perfect partner for my performance”, Elia Viviani.

KR1 Road

Knit Knit

What we have achieved
with the new 3D Knit technology
is a revolution. An incredibly soft,
enveloping shoe for superior performance.
Thanks to the engineered 3D Knit technology,
you will be ready to go beyond your athletic limits,
while enjoying the greatest possible well-being for the foot.
A new generation of cycling footwear.

Kr1 overview
Kr1 Detail

The Structure Intarsia 3D Knit technology is born from the desire to create the most performing footwear in terms of ride's effectiveness. A material made up of thousands of intertwined threads that wrap the foot like a sock, assuring the highest standards of lightness, comfort and breathability.

Kr1 Detail

The result of the passionate collaboration with Elia Viviani, Italian and Olympic cycling champion, KR1 is the first 3D Knit Dmt shoe, a concentrate of technology dedicated to pro cyclists which, because of its innovative capacity in the field of cycling, we dared to call it a revolution. Using all of our experience in the field of "knit", with the most advanced machinery we developed an upper made up of intertwined threads, a sock-like fit offering an exceptional level of comfort. Once you try it you will not be able to go back.

KR1 Overview
KR1 Zoom 3
  • Ankle collar in elastic rib for a perfect and comfortable snug fit.
  • In Shape, without waste of material, without any type of stitching and gluing.
  • Reinforced toe and heel for a targeted structural support.
  • Fine tuned curvature and angles for ergonomics and comfort in harmony with the pedalling movement.
  • Upper in multi layer engineered 3D knit.
  • Thicker reinforced central zone to maximize comfort and support under the Boa cables.
  • Integrated 3D knit channels for the Boa webbing loops.
Viviano Kr1


  • Size 37 > 47
  • Half size 37,5 > 45,5
  • Weightgr 240 (size 41)
  • Size table
  • Sole


    Anatomic Carbon sole with ventilation holes + perfect balance between stiffness and comfort thanks to carbon UDFAW 150 + interchangeable anti-skid inserts

  • Heel


    shorter and narrower for maximum comfort and heel hold

  • Upper


    full engineered 3D knit with integrated webbing 3mm knit layer in pressure zones

  • Closure


    1 dial IP1 Boa®

  • Sockliner


    anatomical, light and breathable



Perfect combination of stiffness and comfort. Great performance thanks to the anatomical form fitting shape that is modelled after the foot. Interchangeable anti-skid inserts.

New Anatomic Quarry Areated Carbon Sole

All DMT shoes are guaranteed for two years


DMT cycling footwear is guaranteed in compliance with articles 128 et seq. of the Consumer Code, which regulate legal and conventional warranties.

DMT footwear is guaranteed against material and processing nonconformities, except for defects resulting from negligence, abuse, neglect, improper maintenance, or accidents. The warranty covers a period of two years from the purchase date. To make use of it, you should present the proof of purchase (receipt) to an authorised DMT dealer within two years from the purchase. Requests from the end user to the manufacturer, Diamant, and cases in which the damage was caused by the user will not be taken into consideration.

The warranty procedure currently in force is the following: the dealer will take the product and send it to Diamant after contacting the local agent. The footwear will be checked by qualified personnel, who will evaluate whether to repair or replace it. If the defect falls within those covered by the warranty, the company will replace/repair the product free of charge. However, if the defect can be attributed to the consumer, the product will not be replaced and the company may, at its sole discretion, charge the repair costs to the consumer.

Products must arrive under appropriate hygienic conditions to be evaluated. If not, they will not be taken into consideration.

Size Table

Euro Usa UK CM Width
33 2,5 2 21,1 8
34 3 2,5 21,76 8,15
35 3,5 3 22,42 8,3
36 4 3,5 23,08 8,45
37 5 4,5 23,74 8,6
37,5 - - 24,07 8,675
38 5,5 5 24,4 8,75
38,5 - - 24,73 8,825
39 6,5 6 25,06 8,9
39,5 - - 25,39 8,975
40 7 6 25,72 9,5
40,5 7,5 6,5 26,05 9,575
41 8 7 26,38 9,2
41,5 8 7 26,71 9,275
42 8,5 7,5 27,04 9,35
42,5 9 8 27,37 9,425
43 9,5 8,5 27,7 9,5
43,5 10 9 28,03 9,575
44 10 9 28,36 9,65
44,5 10,5 9,5 28,69 9,725
45 11 10 29,02 9,8
45,5 11,5 10,5 29,35 9,875
46 12 11 29,68 9,95
47 12,5 12 30,34 10,1
48 13,5 12,5 31 10,25
49 13,5 31,66 10,4
50 15 14 32,32 10,55