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Juan Ayuso Pesquera is born in 2002, comes from Barcelona and has already proven a talent that promises to give great emotions to cycling world. Juan Ayuso Pesquera, winner of the Giro d’Italia U23 and bronze at the European Cycling Championships, officially joins the team of great champions who chose DMT shoes.

Juan ayuso pesquera Interview

A new collaboration led, like all other partnerships, by a set of intents, values and philosophy: in fact, by choosing DMT shoes you aren’t just choosing a pair of shoes, but you’re choosing a mean to reach the highest possible point.
A constant promise of support that we are happy to guarantee to both young talents like Juan Ayuso and to established champions, such as Tadej Pogačar and Elia Viviani.

From an interview with the Spanish rising star:

Juan Ayuso, why did you choose DMT?

I chose DMT because I think that in the last few years it has been a pioneering reality in many aspects. Not only for shoes. It was easy to choose because I wanted to tie myself to an innovative brand.

In particular, what struck you most about DMT shoes?

The quality of the shoe is definitely the great reason why I wanted to use DMT. The have what they take to be the best shoes on the market and they help me perform at the highest levels, which for me is crucial. In these times, in order to win, cycling searches for that 1% more in all aspects, so a shoe like DMT makes the difference without a doubt.

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Thanks to the material of the shoe, you feel great comfort and at the same time you have a good stiffness and lightness. I also think they are the most beautiful shoes on the market!


Good luck to Juan Ayuso and all the athletes who
will live great emotions with DMT on their feet.

We are with you!