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No Compromise

NO COMPROMISE because each model blends together all the characteristics that cyclists have always sought: comfort and performance.

NO COMPROMISE because for the first time the whole DMT collection is in 3D Engineered Knit, Road, Triathlon, XC/Marathon, Enduro, Gravel and after race: no compromise for any specialty but the best for all.

NO COMPROMISE because tradition and craftsmanship add up to innovation and the most advanced technologies.

NO COMPROMISE because the competitive vocation of each model that brings our champions onto the highest step of the world podiums, is combined with an unparalleled fit, giving life to a perfect shoe for everyone: professionals and amateurs.

NO COMPROMISE because with DMT every cyclist can demand and have everything from their shoes, without compromising.


DMT Factory
DMT Factory



No compromise: for the first time, cyclists of all specialties can choose a 3D Knit upper. Road, Xc / Marathon, Triathlon, Enduro Freeride, After Race: no compromise for any category but the maximum benefits for all.

DMT Factory
DMT Factory


the new DMT models feature 3D Knit technology

Due to the success of our first revolutionary shoe, we decided to bring the innovative 3D Knit technology throughout our collection including triathlon, xc/marathon and after race shoes. The new models featuring 3D Knit upper combine both the advantages of the material and the specific technical features of every shoe.

DMT Factory
DMT Factory


The first race shoe featuring
100% 3D Knit technology

We’ve been the first company to create a full 3D Knit shoe . 3D Knit is an innovative material made of thousands of ultra thin threads creating a mesh-like fabric. The full 3D Knit upper makes the shoe so comfortable, breathable and lightweight you can barely feel it on your feet. Starting from 2018, the champion Elia Viviani wears our revolutionary shoe on the most exclusive podiums.

DMT Factory
DMT Factory


The innovative polyurethane upper made for triathlon

We’ve created new triathlon models in collaboration with the Peperoncino Team. The innovative upper provides triathlon athletes with the best lightness , thanks to an ultra fine polyurethane film which has been heat-sealed to a mesh.

DMT Factory
DMT Factory


Skeleton System

The Skeleton system is the result of a three years long research in DMT laboratories: it’s an innovative structure created as a shell to totally envelope the foot. The Skeleton system features 3 nylon tubes for the passage of a cord that provides you with a perfect fit.

DMT Factory
DMT Factory


The new aerodynamic
and super lightweight racing shoe.

The constant collaboration between DMT and Elia Viviani has brought about the development of a new racing shoe. It is even more aerodynamic thanks to its hidden laces and to its increasingly anatomical shape. The new polyurethane film makes it even lighter.

DMT Factory
DMT Factory


Partnership with boa fit system

We are very proud of our partnership with Boa Fit System, which provides you with a smooth closure and no pressure points. Starting from this year, wearing our shoes becomes faster and safer.