Care and Maintenance Cycling Shoes | DMT
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Immagine di uno sportivo che si prende cura di una scarpa DMT Immagine di uno sportivo che si prende cura di una scarpa DMT


Proper care and maintenance of your DMT shoes make the difference.

To Do
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Clean with a mild soap or a damp cloth.
Store in a cool, dry and well-ventilated place. No direct sunlight.
After riding in wet conditions stuff the shoes with newspaper to reduce the moisture.
Make sure that wet shoes can dry in a warm not hot area with good air circulation and out of direct sunlight.
If the shoes are not damp or wet after use, simply clean them with a mild soap or cloth.
If the shoes are equipped Boa fit systems, clean them carefully and regularly apply a silicone-based or similar lubricant.
Not to Do
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Do not use solvents, paint thinner or harsh chemicals.
We do not recommend putting your shoes in a washing machine; might be a good and fun option but the carbon sole and the steel small parts might damage the machine.
When drying, never place near or next to heaters, laundry dryer, fire or other sources of heat.